Visas / Visados

Below is information regarding your visa application to travel to Bengaluru, India for the IOHA Conference:

All participants outside India must apply for a Conference Visa.
Please ensure you apply for a Conference Visa if you are presenting papers, speaking on a panel, chairing a session, or are attending the conference.If someone is accompanying you but not participating in the conference in any way (spouse, son, daughter, friend, etc.), they could apply for a tourist visa. The local organizing committee has applied for clearance to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of External Affairs. It has now got an in principal clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs and expect the clearance from the other Ministry soon.
Please enquire with your local Indian Embassy or the Indian High Commission in your country for how early you can apply for a Visa.

Here is a link to the official website:

To facilitate Visa applications, the local Organising Committee will send you :

1. An acceptance letter stating that your abstract has been accepted for the IOHA
2. A letter inviting you to participate in the Conference.

3. The letters of clearance from the Ministry of External Affairs and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

4.  A No Objection Certificate from your place of employment saying they have no objection to your travelling to India for the purposes of the conference.

***These three letters will be required when you apply for a visa to India.
Please note, you can travel before or after the Conference on personal travel as a tourist.If you are planning on doing that, please mention it in your covering letter when submitting your application.


A continuación encuentra la información para aplicar a la visa que le permitirá asistir a la conferencia IOHA en Bangalore, India.

Todos los participantes de fuera de la India deben aplicar por una visa.
Por favor asegúrese que aplica para Visa de Conferencia, particularmente si usted va a presentar un ensayo o si es un panelista. Si alguien lo estará acompañando, pero no va a participar en la conferencia de ninguna manera (esposo, hijo, hija, amigo etc), ellos pueden aplicar a una visa de turismo. El comité organizador local ha solicitado la autorización por parte del Ministerio del Interior y el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores. Ahora contamos con la autorización por parte del ministerio del Interior y estamos a la espera de la autorización del otro Ministerio pronto.
Usted necesita contactar la Embajada de India local o la Alta Corte de India en su país para aplicar a la visa.
Esto debe realizarse tres meses en anticipación a su fecha de viaje.
Aquí esta un enlace al sitio web oficial:

Para facilitar su aplicación a la visa, el comité organizador le enviará lo siguiente:

1. Una carta de aceptación indicando que su resumen ha sido aceptado para la Conferencia IOHA.

2. Una carta invitándolo a la Conferencia.

3. Las cartas de autorización por parte del Ministerio del Interior y el Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores.

4. El Certificado de No Objeción por parte del lugar donde trabaja, indicando que no se oponen a que usted realice el viaje a India, con propósito de la conferencia.

*** Ambas cartas son necesarias para aplicar a la Visa India.
Recuerde que usted puede viajar antes o después de la conferencia de manera personal en calidad de turista. Si usted planea hacer esto, por favor menciónelo en la carta de presentación cuando envíe su aplicación.

10 thoughts on “Visas / Visados

  1. your message is extremely pretty but also difficult to read!!! I think it says that I need to apply for a visa and send my acceptance letter with the application??


    1. Dear Christeen,

      Sorry for the illegibility of the page – we are having some difficulties on the technical side of things!

      Yes, when you apply for a Conference Visa you should use your acceptance letter with your application to facilitate the process. Hope this clears things up a little bit.


      Arpita Bajpeyi


  2. As a frequent traveler to India have a 10 year T visa which will not expire until 11/2023. Do I still need to apply for the conference visa – and if so, would it have any impact on my T visa. I am also self employed. Finally my spouse may be joining me, and might attend some of the events (not the presentations). Is a T visa ok for her? Thank you


  3. I have applied to the consulate for a visa. The consulate has asked for a letter from the Ministry. I had sent them the one you provided and they want more information. I am ready to throw in the towel. It would have been much easier to just get a tourist visa. Please send further verification that this conference is sanctioned by the government


    1. Hey, I have the same problem as Yvette. They want a letter from the External Ministry in addition to the letter of from the Home Affairs Ministry. May I know when we will get this letter? The last email (dated May 5) said the next letter will come in 10 days but it’s already 26 May. I would really like to get this visa thing sorted as I’m worried the consulate will take another few weeks to process it before the conference, I might be too late.


      1. Well, I have the same problem too. My documents is in Consulate and they want the letter of Ministry of External Affairs. I’m waiting for a answer… help me, please. The event it’s so next…


        1. I sent some emails asking about the letter, but none was answered . The consulate is asking quickly sending . I’m afraid of losing the visa. I’m really investing this event , including financially , because I could not support of my university , but I confess that I am getting upset with this situation . I wait for a return . Thanks!


          1. Dear Lisandra,

            We’ve been communicating with the relevant ministries, and hope to have the letter soon. We are aware of the time-sensitive nature of the issue, and are doing our best to get the documents as soon as possible.


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